Jordan Gelber

My attempts at keeping this short and sweet did not go as planned.. my bad!

It’s crazy to think how fast time flies by. I remember sitting in my room one night at 5 am two years ago thinking how unhappy and insecure I felt about myself and my health. I knew there was a sense of potential deep down that I just couldn’t seem to grasp. I was frustrated and done with the gym after many years of constantly fluctuating back and forth and not seeing the progress I knew I could achieve.

It was that one night that I had been scrolling on Facebook when I stumbled upon the All Hustle Fitness page. I watched a few videos, looked through the pictures and read the description, intrigued. Shortly after, I saw Joey Enright's name and remembered him from Urban Active. I decided to take a shot in the dark and open up to him and express all this built up animosity against myself I’ve held for so long.

It was only a matter of a few hours when I woke up to a message back where he expressed enthusiasm like no other to take the time to help me out. So, on this very day, two years ago, I stepped into the gym with my snapback and Air Jordan’s that looked and sounded like boots. From the first face to face conversation, to the most brutal first workout I had ever experienced, I was hooked and I never looked back.

Two years later, I sit here, happy, confident, and hungry for success. I can’t thank Joey Enright enough for everything he has done to shape me not only physically, but mentally these past two years. I thank you for everything you’ve taught me, the support and rides you’ve given me as well as being a coach, a trainer, and most importantly, a friend. I have a new found love for the gym I’d never thought I would have and I am always eager to workout (except when there’s burpees involved). I also want to thank TJ Enright for your support, as well as always making me feel welcomed and a friend and also contributing to the butt kicking in Cross Training. Finally, I’d like to thankAllHustle Fitness for providing me a space to focus and find myself and forget the outside world for an hour a day.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support, as well as the All Hustle squad who always keeps it down 24/7! I look forward to all the good times ahead, the endless “torturing” workouts, and the never ending possibilities there are of doing a burpee… seriously get rid of those things! I leave this post with a quote that has stuck with me for a good while now, “Stay Humble, Stay Hungry”.

Tricia Sue

In October 2014, I was at Target talking to Jordan Gelber. I was frustrated, I wanted to lose weight, I hated the way I looked and felt. That's when Jordan told me about All Hustle Fitness. I called the next day and talked to Joey Enright. Next thing I knew I had signed up for group training classes. I seriously thought those were going to kill me, I probably almost threw up several times, but I kept going. Then I added one, then two personal training sessions a week with Joey. A year and 4 months later, I'm training for an event at the Arnold Classic and possibly running a half marathon in October (oh and I'm down 30 pounds and have a lot more confidence and strength) I could not have done this without a pair of awesome trainers, Joey and TJ Enright. Joining All Hustle Fitness was the best decision I ever made. Both trainers are supportive and tough, and the people who go to the gym there are absolutely amazing. I haven't met anyone there who I didn't like. I'm not going to lie, there are days where I think I can't do this, but having a great group of friends around you, makes you realize you can reach your goals and work harder. Oh, and burpees still suck even after doing them 20 million times. Lol!!! I definitely also want to give mad props to Jordan Gelber. He has been the greatest motivator in all this, without you, Joey and TJ I wouldn't be who I am today. Thank you all and here's to another 30 pounds gone..soon (now that I have a good diet in place) By the way, if anyone wants to give this place a try, let me know, you can come to a class with me!💪👍 oh and of course I have to thank Myranda Phil Fincher she's the one who started this whole thing when I weighed...A LOT more.

Michael Kasson

I was the laziest person I know, but after a few weeks working out it became an enjoyable routine. At AllHustle Fitness it's never the same workout twice. Which makes the time in the gym fly by. Just put an hour a week aside for yourself and you will see huge results. I'm down over 20lbs and 5%BF which is nice, but I feel great more importantly. Thank you AllHustle Fitness!


-Michael Kasson

Ryan McCormick

First of all I do not have a lot of credibility in fitness amongst my Facebook friends because I do not constantly post nonsense about my workout routine or my diet.... I believe that information should be posted on social media by professionals (IFBB pros, personal trainers, and other PROVEN athletes). However, I do have years of experience in the industry both from "having a passion for fitness..." and managing multiple gyms. I have personally worked with both Joey and TJ, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that these guys are doing something special in fitness. There's not enough I can say about these guys from a training and character standpoint. Their background and pricing allows ANYONE to get in the best shape of their lives. So if you’re looking to make a lifestyle change or if you are simply plateauing in the gym, go to Allhustle Fitness!

Keep the WODs coming boys! I'm sure I will be seeing you both soon!