Jordan Gelber

My attempts at keeping this short and sweet did not go as planned.. my bad!

It’s crazy to think how fast time flies by. I remember sitting in my room one night at 5 am two years ago thinking how unhappy and insecure I felt about myself and my health. I knew there was a sense of potential deep down that I just couldn’t seem to grasp. I was frustrated and done with the gym after many years of constantly fluctuating back and forth and not seeing the progress I knew I could achieve.

It was that one night that I had been scrolling on Facebook when I stumbled upon the All Hustle Fitness page. I watched a few videos, looked through the pictures and read the description, intrigued. Shortly after, I saw Joey Enright's name and remembered him from Urban Active. I decided to take a shot in the dark and open up to him and express all this built up animosity against myself I’ve held for so long.

It was only a matter of a few hours when I woke up to a message back where he expressed enthusiasm like no other to take the time to help me out. So, on this very day, two years ago, I stepped into the gym with my snapback and Air Jordan’s that looked and sounded like boots. From the first face to face conversation, to the most brutal first workout I had ever experienced, I was hooked and I never looked back.

Two years later, I sit here, happy, confident, and hungry for success. I can’t thank Joey Enright enough for everything he has done to shape me not only physically, but mentally these past two years. I thank you for everything you’ve taught me, the support and rides you’ve given me as well as being a coach, a trainer, and most importantly, a friend. I have a new found love for the gym I’d never thought I would have and I am always eager to workout (except when there’s burpees involved). I also want to thank TJ Enright for your support, as well as always making me feel welcomed and a friend and also contributing to the butt kicking in Cross Training. Finally, I’d like to thankAllHustle Fitness for providing me a space to focus and find myself and forget the outside world for an hour a day.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support, as well as the All Hustle squad who always keeps it down 24/7! I look forward to all the good times ahead, the endless “torturing” workouts, and the never ending possibilities there are of doing a burpee… seriously get rid of those things! I leave this post with a quote that has stuck with me for a good while now, “Stay Humble, Stay Hungry”.